Paul Tonelli

Cell: [USE E-MAIL]
Address: Paris

I am Head of Infrastructure at Heuritech where I manage a team of three engineers/devops. The point of this online page is to provide links, references or additionnal information about my resume.


Organising skills

Scrumm (2 years working daily with this methodology), code management, Project management (Logilab and PhD), Gantt Charts (ENSAM)

Communication Skills

In company Training sessions for Major french companies in Python, Mercurial..., Lecturer at UPMC on robotics, Lessons at Secours Populaire, Skipper),

Programming Skills

Python (contributions to salt, python-hglib, mpd autoplay), C++ (sferes_v2), Shell (zsh, bash), Java, C#, hg/git, svn...


Kubernetes (Kustomize, Loki, Prometheus, Traefik...), SaltStack, LAMP, Debian, Cloud Computing (EC2, Openstack, Vmware, KVM, lxc, OpenVZ), Network (iptables/ebtables, vlan, postfix, bind), auth (oauth, saml, ldap, kerberos)...



Thesis Title: Links between Synaptic Plasticity Mechanisms and Encoding Regularity in Neuro-Evolution (PDF)

Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Decision

Report Title: Verticalizing a bioloid robot

École Nationale Supérieure des Arts & Métiers (ENSAM)

Major: Information and Knowledge Management
Project: Speech Synthesis Project for Mute People (link in french) - Fifth Garangeat prize in 2007. LINK


Heuritech System Architect - Heuritech (Paris) - 2015-current

LogilabResearch Engineer - Logilab (Paris) - 2013-2015

ISIRResearch Engineer - ISIR (UPMC), Paris - 2011-2012

ISIRPhD Student - ISIR (UPMC), Paris - 2008-2011

Secours Populaire Community work - Paris - 2009

Single Buoy Moorings Internship - Monaco - 2007

Résid. Arts & Métiers Community work - Aix-en-Provence - 2004-2006


On the Relationships between Synaptic Plasticity and Generative Systems

Using a Map-Based Encoding to Evolve Plastic Neural Networks

Artificial Evolution of Plastic Neural Networks: a few Key Concepts

Sports Sailing (skipper in Mediterranean Sea and windsurf), Inline Roller (Rando-roller in Paris)
Home Automation motion detection, Z-wave, X10, bluetooth, lircd, low power servers (thin-itx, pico-psu, Raspberry Pi)...
Programming Intelligent mpd playlist generator using python-mpd (link), Voice synthetiser for mute people on a pocket-pc in C# (link)